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Scientifically tested

 Clinical studies confirm the efficacy of BIOXSINE

BIOXSINE shampoo and BIOXSINE serum were tested at various universities and independent research centres  where studies were conducted to confirm the effectiveness of BIOXSINE products for hair loss.

Decrease in Hair Loss


Conclusion: Regular use of both BIOXSINE products resulted in a decrease in hair loss. After 6 months, there was a 93% reduction in hair loss when both the shampoo and serum were used together.

Increase in Hair Growth.


Conclusion: Regular use of both BIOXSINE products resulted in an increase of 20.9% in the growth phase (anagen phase). In the placebo group, no effect was found.

Overall Satisfaction using both Bioxsine Shampoo and Serum

Overall Satisfaction for Thicker Hair

Survey of study participants after the study:

The study participants were asked 5 questions and to rate them in a scale of 1 to 10.

1 stands for N and 10 for absolute consent.

Summary of results:

Both BIOXSINE Shampoo and Serum BIOXSINE were very well tolerated by all subjects, side effects did not occur during the study.

In subjects who took BIOXSINE shampoo or BIOXSINE serum, the products also had a calming and stabilizing effect on the scalp: redness, itching and flaking declined.

During the study period, the combination of shampoo and BIOXSINE BIOXSINE serum showed the most lasting effect. In the group that applied both finished products at the same time, the best results were obtained for all measured parameters.

The study results show that BIOXSINE Shampoo and Serum BIOXSINE promote hair growth by strengthening the hair follicles.

This effect helps to reduce existing hair loss or prevent incipient baldness.

Source: Prof. Dott. Fulvio Marzatico, University of Pavia, Pharmacobiochemistry laboratory section of Pharmacological and Toxicological Sciences “. Placebo-Controlled, clinical-instrumental assessment of the efficacy of cosmetic products for the treatment of alopecia grade II and III or telogen effluvium” (June 2011)


The independent German Research Institute Dermatest examined the products BIOXSINE shampoo and BIOXSINE serum in two application studies for 9 months and for 4 months. Volunteers with androgenetic alopecia (hereditary hair loss), but otherwise healthy skin, BIOXSINE shampoo and BIOXSINE tested serum in combination on safety and efficacy. Both studies found a hair growth-promoting effect of the products. All subjects have both shampoo and serum very well tolerated. There were no unwanted side effects.

The results of Study I:


After nine months of combined use, the number of hair rose by 80 % in all subjects.
•    An improvement in hair density (n / cm²) in 60% of the subjects was shown after five months.
•    After 9 months, used both the shampoo and serum, improvement in hair density improved in 70 % of subjects.
•    The regular and combined use of shampoo and serum resulted in an increase in hair density of 17.3 % over a 9 month period.
The results of Study II:
After4 months, the combined use of BIOXSINE Shampoo and BIOXSINE Serum the number of hairs increased in 62 % of all subjects. An improvement in hair density was observed in 55 % of subjects.
The BIOXSINE products were well tolerated by all subjects during the period of application. No subjects had irritating, skin reactions or allergy reactions.
Source: Kornelia Sievert, Dr. rer. nat. Liane Bolke, Dr. Gerrit Schlippe, Dr. med Werner Voss, Dermatest GmbH:.. Efficacy study of hair growth promoting BIOXSINE products shampoo and serum for hair growth promotion in androgenetic alopecia. (2002)

Clinical trials in Turkey

In Turkey, clinical studies have been conducted at the prestigious universities. At the end of the eight-month trial period, the participants who used BIOXSINE shampoo and BIOXSINE serum, provided the following information: